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Omslagsbild för The MeWe Generation
Isbn: 978-91-8938-857-4
Förlag: Bookhouse Editions
Samhälle & politik
Tillgänglig sedan: november 2011

E-bok | 28 dygns lånetid

The MeWe Generation

The MeWe Generation was born in the mid-80s and raised during the turbulent 1990s and early 2000s. They are born individualist, but no hard-core egoists. They still put friends first and value collective solutions, and they distrust everything and everyone they consider to be superficial. It is an opportunity maximizing generation who considers everything but friends a means for opportunity maximization. Technology is about gadgets to keep their herd together. Work and consumption are platforms for self-realization. As global forerunners the MeWes will definitely challenge old perceptions in business as well as in politics. Not only in Scandinavia, but in other parts of the world as well. Because they are everywhere. Just look in the eyes of any twenty year old you pass in the street and see for yourself. So prepare for the MeWe Generation!

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