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E-books / Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Cover for Och jorden snurrar vidare

Och jorden snurrar vidare

Har du någon gång funderat över hur mänsklighetens framtid kan tänkas se ut? Eller om aliens faktiskt redan besökt vår planet i smyg? I denna sci-fi- och fantasydoftande novellsaml ...

Cover for Det allseende ögat är slutet

Det allseende ögat är slutet

När det allseende ögat blundar suddas gränserna ut och låter sådant hända som ingen trott var möjligt. Löpare slår världsrekord i rymden, utländska makter tillåts infiltrera svensk ...

Cover for What Happened to the Thistle

What Happened to the Thistle

Apart from the milkmaid’s donkey, no one paid much attention to the mighty thistle that lived just behind the hedge, outside of the seigniorial garden. Until the day that a beautif ...

Cover for Chicken Grethe's Family

Chicken Grethe's Family

At a place where there was once a mighty knight’s castle, today stands a small house, built for chickens and ducks. Poultry Meg was the only person who lived there, and only the ol ...

Cover for Sunshine Stories

Sunshine Stories

The wind and the rain are arguing: they both think it is their turn to tell a story. Even though the rain does not entirely agree, in the end the sunbeam takes over to tell the sto ...

Cover for Aunty


You should have known our Aunt – what a funny person she was! She could easily have acted in any play, and with good reason: she lived only for the theatre! Hans Christian Andersen ...

Cover for The Porter's Son

The Porter's Son

The general’s family lived on the first floor of the house. The concierge and his wife lived in the cellar. They had a son, Georg, who was allowed to play with Emily, the general’s ...

Cover for The Will-o'-the-Wisps Are in Town

The Will-o'-the-Wisps Are in Town

Once upon a time there was a man who knew how to tell stories better than anyone – until the day he knew no more. Even though he spent the whole day looking for stories, he still h ...

Cover for In the Children's Room

In the Children's Room

Anna’s parents have gone to the theatre with all her brothers and sisters. She is the only one to stay at home with her godfather, but she will not be bored! They will themselves b ...

Cover for The Snowdrop

The Snowdrop

The air is still cold outside, but already the rain and sun are tickling the snowdrop, who is still nice and warm in her bulb under the earth and snow. The snowdrop would like the ...

Cover for Thousands of Years from Now

Thousands of Years from Now

"In thousands of years they will come on wings of steam, through the air, across the Atlantic! The young inhabitants of America will visit old Europe. They will see the monuments a ...

Cover for Everything in its Proper Place

Everything in its Proper Place

One hundred years ago, a lord lived happily in his castle. Alcohol flowed freely and the festivities were endless. One day, while he was out hunting, he jostled a young goose herde ...

Cover for The Story of the Year

The Story of the Year

The new year had begun and January was already nearing its end, but it was still very cold. The sparrows found it strange, that the men had declared that it was the new year, as ev ...

Cover for Pullonkaula


Mitä kaikkea vanhat esineet ovatkaan elämänsä aikana nähneet? Paljonkin, ajattelee rikkinäinen pullonkaula, joka nyt toimittaa mykkänä linnun vesiastian virkaa vanhan neidin ullakk ...

Cover for En värld utan män

En värld utan män

En dag händer det bara: alla män försvinner från jordens yta. Kvar finns bara kvinnorna, handfallna och förvirrade. Vad är det som har hänt egentligen? Varför är alla män borta? Fl ...

Cover for Drömtydaren


Julia är nära nu. Hennes arbete med maskinen som översätter en människas drömmar till digitala bilder går hela tiden framåt. Men hon måste ha lite till. Något som gör det omöjligt ...

Cover for 'Beautiful'


The sculptor, Alfred, returned from Italy after spending ten years discovering Italian art and travelled to one of the cities in the province of Sjaelland island. There, everyone k ...

Cover for Varjo


Eräällä oppineella miehellä on salaperäinen naapuri, jota kukaan ei tunne. Yhtenä iltana mies pohtii, voisiko hänen varjonsa käydä naapurissa ja kertoa hänelle, mitä naapurista löy ...

Cover for Täyttyneiden toiveiden maa

Täyttyneiden toiveiden maa

Täyttyneiden toiveiden maa. Voiko sellaista paikkaa oikeasti olla olemassa? Näin muuan runoilija väittää Kurjuudenlaakson baarissa. Täyttyneiden toiveiden maassa ei ole ikinä nälkä ...

Cover for The Racers

The Racers

One day, a competition was organised: the fastest would be awarded first price. The jury gave first prize to the hare and second prize was awarded to the snail. Long debates follow ...

Cover for The Bottle Neck

The Bottle Neck

In the tallest and poorest house in a very narrow winding street, was an attic with a single window. Behind this window, was a bird in a cage; the state of the house and the cage w ...

Cover for The Bell Deep

The Bell Deep

All the local children knew the river Odense and they all knew about the bell that could be found there. A long time ago, the bell, being tired, had fallen from its beam and had la ...

Cover for Ib and Little Christine

Ib and Little Christine

In Gudenau, in the forest of Silkeborg, lived a farmer, Jeppe Jans, and his son, Ib. In winter, when there was nothing to do in the fields, Jeppe Jans made clogs and Ib tried to do ...

Cover for The Thorny Road of Honor

The Thorny Road of Honor

The men of our world who experience glory do not generally attain it easily. There have been several martyrs who, before knowing honour, have had to follow a very thorny path...Han ...

Cover for In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea

An expedition was taking place to the other side of the sea: many boats had been sent to the North Pole to explore the sea and the ice. It was winter and over there the days ran in ...