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Cover for Musta lumi

Musta lumi

Luokkakaverusten harras toive on toteutumassa. Tiedossa on nimittäin jännittävä moottorikelkkaretki Lapin autiotuville. Retken alettua käy ilmi, että seikkailusta on muodostumassa ...

Cover for Kuun ympäri

Kuun ympäri

Ranskalainen seikkailija Michel Ardan on päässyt mukaan amerikkalaisten astronauttien viisipäiväiselle matkalle kohti kuuta. Miehiä koettelevat matkalla niin asteroidit, myrkkykaas ...

Cover for Deral Bågskytt

Deral Bågskytt

Deral föds under väldigt normala omständigheter i en liten fattig by i utkanten av ett fjärran rike. Som barn är han precis som alla andra: han skriker, busar och trotsar de vuxnas ...

Cover for Maasta kuuhun

Maasta kuuhun

Eletään Yhdysvaltain sisällissodan jälkeisiä aikoja 1800-luvulla. Sisällissota on jättänyt jälkeensä aseteollisuutta. Baltimorelaiset asefanaatikot ovat kuitenkin saaneet päähänsä ...

Cover for Uni


Eletään 4000-lukua. Nuoret rakastavaiset nauttivat lomasta vuorten ja järvien keskellä. Toinen heistä nukahtaa ja päätyy unessaan 1900-luvun alkupuolelle. Eloisa uni kuljettaa unek ...

Cover for What the Old Man Does is Always Right

What the Old Man Does is Always Right

A peasant and his wife owned a horse that grazed in a ditch close to their house. But they thought that it would be better for them to sell it or exchange it for something more use ...

Cover for The World's Fairest Rose

The World's Fairest Rose

There was once a queen who possessed a magnificent garden, filled with many varied flowers. One day, she fell ill and her doctors had little hope of a recovery. Only one of them sa ...

Cover for The Wicked Prince

The Wicked Prince

Once upon a time there was a prince without pity: he wanted to be the strongest and sent armies of soldiers to destroy villages and stop other kings, he even got it into his head t ...

Cover for The Swineherd

The Swineherd

A poor prince with a famous name became infatuated with a princess who was rather spoilt and wanted to marry her. So, he sent her gifts, but the princess was not satisfied and refu ...

Cover for The Story of a Mother

The Story of a Mother

A child is gravely ill and his mother has already spent three nights at his bedside. Then, a strange man knocks on the door and she bids him enter to shelter from the cold. But, it ...

Cover for The Storks

The Storks

“One of you will be hanged, the second imprisoned, the third burned and the fourth turned upside down.” This is how the children mocked the family of storks that lived on the roof. ...

Cover for The Snow Man

The Snow Man

The snowman had just been born under the eyes and joyful laughter of children. How he loved the cold! His only problem was the shiny ball in the sky that keep looking at him, witho ...

Cover for The Silver Shilling

The Silver Shilling

Once upon a time there was an honest piece of silver who passed from hand to hand and happily discovered his country. One day, his current owner travelled abroad, taking the piece ...

Cover for The Shirt Collar

The Shirt Collar

This is the story of a false shirt collar, who, when he was of marriageable age, met a shy garter in the washing. So, he set out on a quest to seduce her, which was not without its ...

Cover for The Rose Elf

The Rose Elf

In the rose bush in the middle of the garden lived a tiny elf, she was so small that it was impossible to see her with the naked eye. Behind each rose petal hides a room and the el ...

Cover for The Old Street Lamp

The Old Street Lamp

An old street lamp is at the end of its working life. It has had a long life and lots of people know it. So, friends come to visit on its last night on the job.Hans Christian Ander ...

Cover for The Old House

The Old House

There was once an old house that was so dilapidated that it made the other houses in the street ashamed. But, the little boy who lived opposite liked it a lot and loved looking at ...

Cover for The Old Church Bell

The Old Church Bell

In a little house in Marbach, on the banks of the Necker river, lived a poor family. The day that their son was born, the church’s bell was rung to celebrate the newborn’s arrival. ...

Cover for The Neighbouring Families

The Neighbouring Families

Many families lived close to the pond: the roses, the sparrows and even men. During a family discussion, the little sparrows asked their parents, what is Beauty? A question whose a ...

Cover for The Naughty Boy

The Naughty Boy

One stormy evening, a kind old poet was resting quietly at home when he heard a knock at his door. When he opened it, he found a handsome young boy, soaking wet, and the good poet ...

Cover for The Metal Pig

The Metal Pig

In the city of Florence is a bronze statue of a boar, from who’s mouth runs the water that is collected by the people of Florence. One evening, a poor boy came to drink and found a ...

Cover for The Little Green Ones

The Little Green Ones

A short time ago, the rose bush next to the window was still magnificent, but since the invasion of an army of greenies, it is rather worse for wear. We men, we are not very fond o ...

Cover for The Happy Family

The Happy Family

Next to a long-abandoned castle, grows a jungle of burdock. Under the great green leaves live two old snails, descended from a long lineage, whose ancestors were served on silver p ...

Cover for The Goblin and the Grocer

The Goblin and the Grocer

A goblin lived with a grocer whom he liked a lot because, at Christmas, the grocer never forgot to give him his porridge with a big knob of butter. Under the eaves of the grocer’s ...

Cover for The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

Inger was a little girl but she was a bad person. This was obvious even when she was very small: she enjoyed catching insects and tearing off their wings without any pity for the p ...