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Cover for Hela mitt hjärta

Hela mitt hjärta

Det som Rose aldrig trodde skulle kunna hända har nu hänt. Ben är borta. Han har lämnat henne. Varför har han lämnat henne? Hon har ju gjort allt som hon någonsin kunnat förväntas ...

Cover for Ei mitään sankareita

Ei mitään sankareita

Tummat pilvet liikkuvat jo Euroopan yllä, kun Valte Ojala elää tavallista kevättä. Vaimo Marian kanssa menee hyvin, vaikka vaikeitakin aikoja on ollut. Perheeseen on siunaantunut k ...

Cover for Enrico Moron rikos

Enrico Moron rikos

Kaavoitusviraston osastopäällikkö ei pysty nukkumaan öisin. Erikoinen ääni palaa jokaikinen yö ja estää unet. Vieressä nukkuva vaimo ei kuitenkaan kuule ääntä – mistä ihmeestä oike ...

Cover for Kuljeksivat teinit

Kuljeksivat teinit

Ystävykset Aadolf ja Yrjö ovat nuorukaisia, joille elämä hymyilee ja joita opettajat yhtä lailla suosivat. Ulkosalla kulkiessaan he juttelevat koulunkäynnistä ja tytöistä. Kävelyre ...

Cover for Majurin holhokit

Majurin holhokit

Majuri Bobkovilla on hyvä sydän – ehkä liiankin hyvä. Hän eroaa armeijan palveluksesta ja ottaa holhokikseen katulapsen. Hänelle valinta ei ollut vaikea, sillä viattoman lapsen tar ...

Cover for The Malefactor

The Malefactor

Originally published in 1906, ‘The Malefactor’ is one of E. Phillips Oppenheim’s earlier novels. Sir Wingrave Seton has been wrongfully imprisoned for manslaughter in order to defe ...

Cover for The Golden Web

The Golden Web

Stirling Deane is a rich man, thanks to his discovery and eventual sale of the Little Anna gold mine in South Africa. Many years later an unwelcome visitor from Deane’s past shows ...

Cover for Lizzie Leigh

Lizzie Leigh

Young Lizzie Leigh has fallen pregnant after moving to Manchester. Fearful of her father’s reaction and consumed by guilt, Lizzie deserts her family, believing her disappearance to ...

Cover for A Dark Night's Work

A Dark Night's Work

Elizabeth Gaskell’s ‘A Dark Night’s Work’ was first published in serial form in weekly magazine ‘All The Year Round’, which was edited by Charles Dickens. The lovely young Ellinor ...

Cover for Lois the Witch

Lois the Witch

Newly orphaned Lois Barclay is forced to leave England and sail to America to join her only remaining distant family. Set in Salem against the hysteria of the witch trials, the hon ...

Cover for Curious, if True

Curious, if True

A collection of five short stories from popular Victorian author Elizabeth Gaskell. The collection includes the tales ‘The Poor Clare’, ‘Lois the Witch’, ‘The Grey Woman’ and ‘The ...

Cover for Half a Life-Time Ago

Half a Life-Time Ago

First published in 1855 ‘Half a Lifetime Ago’ by much-loved author Elizabeth Gaskell recounts the events which have befallen the now pessimistic and solitary Susan Dixon, shaping h ...

Cover for Mary Barton

Mary Barton

Author Elizabeth Gaskell’s first ever novel ‘Mary Barton’ was written as a means of distracting herself from her grief over the loss of her young son. Taking inspiration from Manch ...

Cover for My Lady Ludlow

My Lady Ludlow

Young Margaret Dawson has been taken in by her distant cousin Lady Ludlow, the Mistress of Hanbury Court. Though charitable and kind to Margaret, Lady Ludlow holds strict views abo ...

Cover for Round the Sofa

Round the Sofa

Miss Greatorex is invited to join a group of friends who meet weekly at Mrs Dawson’s house. When Miss Greatorex asks to hear more about Mrs Dawson’s cousin Lady Ludlow, the friends ...

Cover for Golden Treasure

Golden Treasure

The wife of the town drummer gave birth to a child with red hair that everyone called ‘the drummer’s redhead’. Except for his mother, who called him ‘golden treasure’. His father d ...

Cover for The Man Who Came Back

The Man Who Came Back

No one seemed to know how exactly Philip Drew was. It appeared that he was in the village temporarily to assist the local doctor. Yet in the manor house Falaise, there is a portrai ...

Cover for Nile Dusk

Nile Dusk

When her great-aunt passed, Romilly was pleased to find that she had inherited a house in Cairo. To her surprise, Crighton Bey cautioned her about her new possessions. Romilly coul ...

Cover for A Sicilian Romance

A Sicilian Romance

Nothing boosts evocative narrative as well as narrow escapes. And Ann Radcliffe mastered it. In this early gothic horror novel, Radcliffe tells the story of the Mazzini household’s ...

Cover for In Homespun

In Homespun

Known primarily for her often fantastical children's books, Edith Nesbit also frequented adult fiction, yet never forgetting her roots, exploring genres such as horror and the supe ...

Cover for New Treasure Seekers

New Treasure Seekers

Have you ever wanted to help someone but ended up making things worse?In this collection of short tales we follow the Bastable children who find themselves in exactly that situatio ...

Cover for The Enchanted Castle

The Enchanted Castle

Imagine if magic was real, would it be used for good or evil? Kathleen, Gerald, and Jimmy is about to find out.During a summer vacation, the three children find a mysterious house ...

Cover for The House of Arden - A Story for Children

The House of Arden - A Story for Children

Two siblings, Elfrida and Edred Arden, have recently become poor. However, the siblings inherit a ruined castle previously owned by a baron, and together they explore the depths of ...

Cover for The Incredible Honeymoon

The Incredible Honeymoon

Love can be confusing but should that stop us from pursuing it?This is a love story about a bored young man who desperately seeks adventure. He finally achieves his dream when he s ...

Cover for The Literary Sense

The Literary Sense

Love, relationships and everything in between. Although written over a hundred years ago each story in this collection touches on significant topics that are just as relevant today ...