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Cover for Omenapuun suojassa: Runoja ja Novelleja

Omenapuun suojassa: Runoja ja Novelleja

Omenapuun suojassa on kokoelma Runoja ja Novelleja, jotka Arto Koivumäki on kirjoittanut luovan kirjoittamisen kurssin tehtävinä. Tehtävissä on luotu vuoropuheluita ja henkilöhahmo ...

Cover for Spel-Jerkers saga och andra historier

Spel-Jerkers saga och andra historier

Moraklockan slog fem klingande slag. Lill-Jerk satte sig upp i skåpsängen och gnuggade sig i ögonen. Det var något han skulle göra idag, medan mor och far var ute. Fyra långa timma ...

Cover for Landsbygdsmysterier


Cirka 70 procent av Sveriges yta är täckt av skog. Skogens djup och isolerande natur är ett evigt löfte om anonymitet. Vad gör människan när den tror att ingen tittar? Bland åldran ...

Cover for De tre tågen

De tre tågen

"De tre tågen" är tre noveller som utspelar sig längs järnvägen. Följ med tre personer på deras erfarenhet av tåg. Novellerna lyfter fram olika perspektiv på hur tåg kan upplevas.

Cover for Vi som inte kan hålla våra husdjur levande

Vi som inte kan hålla våra husdjur levande

Vi träffades på ett nätforum som hette ”Vi som inte kan hålla våra husdjur vid levande.”  Han hette Adam, men kallades Adde av de flesta, berättade han. Vi chattade en del med vara ...

Cover for Den fallna ängeln

Den fallna ängeln

Dystopisk urban fantasy om hjältemod som inte sitter i förmågor, utan i hjärtat. Elijah förlorade allt i fallet. Kvinnan som stått honom närmast, sina krafter och sitt kall. Livet ...

Cover for Lyö sinä, minä venytän

Lyö sinä, minä venytän

Historianlehtori Konrad Sevinen on pudota tuolilta, kun kuulee vaimonsa Teklan ryhtyneen kirjailijaksi. Eikä miksi tahansa kirjailijaksi vaan humoristiksi, joka käsittelee yhteisku ...

Cover for Täydellinen murha: kaksitoista kertomusta

Täydellinen murha: kaksitoista kertomusta

Benjamin, nuori juutalainen juristi, rakastuu palavasti saksalaiseen Christinaan. Heidän salainen romanssinsa päättyy, kun Christinan juutalaisvastainen isä määrää tämän naimisiin ...

Cover for The Seven Ravens

The Seven Ravens

Once lived a family of nine, a mother, a father, and their seven sons. The eighth child was on the way. The seven brothers got a little sister. She was however so sick that the fam ...

Cover for Our Lady's Child

Our Lady's Child

Do you think it is possible to not confess your sins if you are about to be burnt at stake? Most probably not, right? Well the girl in our story is so stubborn that you might rethi ...

Cover for The Man That Was Used Up

The Man That Was Used Up

A short story that is shrouded in mystery, "The Man that Was Used Up" follows a narrator who wants to learn more about an important military figure. A satirical tale that mocks a r ...

Cover for A Predicament

A Predicament

The story is often labelled a sequel to "How to Write a Blackwood Article", and deals with Signora Zenobia, who comes across a stately cathedral and a giant clock, that soon will t ...

Cover for The Mantle

The Mantle

With his sense of humor and ability to observe, Nikolai Gogol presents the world with stories of little people: the weak and fragile people who try to hold on to life in the gloomy ...

Cover for May Night, or the Drowned Maiden

May Night, or the Drowned Maiden

In Nikolai Gogol's short story 'May Night, or the Drowned Maiden,' a single night ends up changing the lives of many. Young Levko is the son of the head of a Ukrainian village and ...

Cover for St. John's Eve

St. John's Eve

How far will a man go for love? The short story 'St. John's Eve' by Nikolai Gogol from the 19th century recounts the sinister events that transpired in a poor hamlet generations ag ...

Cover for The Old World Landowners

The Old World Landowners

"The Old World Landowners" is a short story written in 1835. It is the first tale in the "Mirgorod" collection by Nikolai Gogol. The story is a vivid representation of the old-fash ...

Cover for The Fair at Sorochyntsi

The Fair at Sorochyntsi

'The Fair at Sorochyntsi' by Nikolai Gogol is a short story set in a Ukrainian village in 1800. A man travels with his daughter and wife to a fair to sell some of their belongings. ...

Cover for The Ice Maiden

The Ice Maiden

Rudy lived close to the little town of Grindelwald in Switzerland. He lived with his uncle as his parents were both dead. Indeed, Rudy himself had almost died at the same time as h ...

Cover for Aunty Toothache

Aunty Toothache

Aunt Mille has always told me that I have the soul of a great poet. I am not sure about this, but I love her so much that I do not dare contradict her. The reason I love her so muc ...

Cover for What One Can Invent

What One Can Invent

Once upon a time, a young man dreamed of becoming a writer and making a living from his pen. But there was a problem. The writers of the previous centuries had already exhausted al ...

Cover for The Toad

The Toad

A family of toads lived in a very deep well: it was so deep that, from the top, you could not even see the surface of the water. One of the young toads dreamed of knowing what ther ...

Cover for The Psyche

The Psyche

The star that is brightest this morning knows many things: she has watched over the earth for centuries and knows many things that we men have long forgotten. Today, she tells us t ...

Cover for In the Duck Yard

In the Duck Yard

One day a Portuguese duck arrived at the duck house. Some said she came from Spain, but from then on all her descendants were called ‘Portuguese’. Today, there is only one Portugue ...

Cover for The Beetle

The Beetle

On the day that the emperor’s horse received his golden horseshoes as a reward for his heroic deeds, the beetle who shared his stable was very jealous. The smith refused to make sh ...

Cover for Anne Lisbeth

Anne Lisbeth

Anne Lisbeth was a beautiful young woman, but she gave birth to a repugnantly ugly child. That is why she gave it into the care of the wife of a man who worked in the fields. This ...